Industry Professionals

Dediam has always been very active connecting itself within the industry wherever it was. Having an open approach towards all the players in the field, and conducting honest business has always been one of its visions.
For many decades dediam has helped its customers achieve excellence in their work. That excellence can be guaranteed thanks to always questioning itself and by ever improving its services.
Feed-back from its clients is highly encouraged and transferred into actions. Conducting business is all about listening to each other and walking hand-in-hand towards its goals.
Dediam is dedicated to maintain their high level of knowledge and share it with its partners. Knowledge achieved by passion is transferred in strong ever-improving services.
Thanks to this commitment, dediam can maintain its role as a player within the industry.

Dediam is also committed in offering its clients a piece of mind and is therefore a member of the following organisations:



By abiding to the Kimberley Process rules dediam conforms itself to the set of rules internationally agreed in order to stem the flow of conflict diamonds. Please visit their website for further information. Click logo for their website.



By becoming a certified member, dediam commits to an international standard of responsible business practices. This code of practices addresses human rights, labour plights, environmental impact, mining practices, proper disclosure and many more important topics in the jewellery supply chain. Please visit their website for further information. Click logo for their website.



By abiding to the three elements that underpin the WFDB's ethical code, being Tradition, Integrity & Accountability, we commit to uphold the better business standards described in the WFCOP (World Federation's Code of Principles). Click logo for their website.