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Newsletter April 2019

Dear friends,

Some of us have been on Easter Holiday, some of us are still on Holiday, and some of us, well, we continue to work! And so do we continue to gather some news about our industry.

It seems the last word has not been said about the Laboratory Grown Diamonds. In Ghaungzhou, China, the local Diamond Bourse has signed a strategic cooperation to promote and develop lab grown diamonds. This agreement has been signed during the Diamond Fair in Ghaungzhou as an effort to provide consistent supply of laboratory grown diamonds. Next to that, on the otherside of the globe, in Los Angeles' Westfield Century Mall, AME opened a flagship store. AME is a fine jewellery brand that only works with Laboratory Grown Diamonds. It is still up to you to decide how you will, or will not, embrace this new item in our industry!

Let's get back to Natural Diamonds! It seems it is all about "I can do anything better than you!". Argyle, the Australian Diamond Mining Company, has dug up a rough stone of 28.84ct, nice white gem quality diamond. Their biggest stone is 35 years time. The stone will be put up for sale in a tender in Antwerp later on this year, and is called the "Argyle Octavia". I would say: put your bets, rien ne vas plus! But then the Russians are there... They dug out a 118.91ct, named "Zarya". Ohhh, a pitty you can spend your money only once. Where would you prefer to invest in?

Speaking about investing. Chow Tai Fook, which is a Chinese jewelry gigant, with more than 3.100 stores all around China, saw their overall sales increased. Numbers differ from 7% in Hong-Kong, up to 24% increase in sales in mainland China. Seems in China sales are not all too bad...

In New York, at Sotheby's, it seemd they gathered this month in combined sales some $21.5million. The biggest eye-catcher was a cushion cut diamond of 3.24ct, fancy-intense blue, vvs1 quality. It fetched $2.3million...which makes it $709.000/carat. So next time a nice gentleman enters your store and askes for natural blue diamonds, show them a picture of you on vacation and tell him: if you would buy one, you would surely help me get there! 

We hope you all could enjoy Easter, enjoy the upcoming warm weather, and enjoy the positive messages that come through: it seems bigger stones are dug out, more business is done, and lab grown is here to stay. And so are we!

Warm regards,

The dediam-team

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