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Newsletter February 2019

Dear friends,

Take a few minutes, sit back, refill your coffee mug, and get some of the latest updates of what is going on in our business branch!

This year might be the year that Laboratory Grown Diamonds will break through. The American jewelry chain Helzbergs will start selling its own branded Lab Grown Diamonds Jewelry. They were selling jewelry with lab grown diamonds before, but mostly from other companies. They will price their jewelry between $400-$9000, this after increased market demand. We at dediam have seen an increased demand for lab grown diamonds as well, from suppliers as customers side. You might be positive or negative about it, but it is an item that has already settled itself next to the natural diamonds trade. What's next? A diamond bourse to regulate the trade in laboratory grown diamonds? Food for thought!

Further we have seen that ALROSA, the Russian mining company, has exhibited some of its rarest mined coloured diamonds. One of the eye-catchers was a natural pink oval weighing 14.83ct. Wow! If only we could possess such a gem, than I would have been writing this article from my beach house in the Bahamas! ALROSA also stated that only one out of 10.000 stones is a fancy coloured stone, and that according to market analysis those stones have gone up yearly, by value, in about 12% over the last few decades... think twice next time you want to buy an investment stone!

Gübelin Gemmology Lab is experimenting with tracking emeralds from to mine to the final customer by applying nanoparticles to the stones which contain all (encrypted)data: origin, original weight, what company mined it, etc. Because of the many little fissures in the stone it would be easy to store this information. It is still all in a developmental stage, but we can only hope this will bring forth more initiatives in the same range.

On the flip side, Zimbabwe is, according to Global Witness, still far away from being a transparent player on the diamond market. Their inability to clearly state all revenues related to diamond mining, subdivided by mining company, year and type of revenue stream, reflects its lack of prioritizing a decent diamond policy. Lets see how they will do regarding the exploitation of the Marange Diamond Industry. Are all the promises done regarding economic reforms and transparency false promises, or will they be able to handle them...?

Lets close this newsletter with good news! The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), which is a regulatory organ to promote better diamond business practices, has signed an agreement with the (South)Korean Diamond Bourse to promote business in Korea, and help lobby at the Korean Government on matters related to the diamond trade... yes, we do have organs that promote higher standards in our business, from Europe, to America and far beyond our borders to Asia as well.

We hope you have enough caffeine in your body, and new information in your mind to start this new business week! Wishing you all a nice week,

Warm regards,

The dediam-team

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